Group Therapy


The Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Increases sense of Belonging.
  • Confidentiality creates safety and support for letting go of shame- based secrets, which inhibit self-esteem and confidence. (Always at your own pace)
  • Creates healthy community and support for positive changes.
  • A place to learn and practice new relationship skills.
  • Get honest feedback about blind spots and behaviors which create problems in relationships outside of group.
  • A safe place to stretch and practice healthy self-loving behaviors.
  • Find your own voice.
  • Discover new strengths and personal gifts that express who you are in the world.

Women’s Groups

A Gathering of Women

a-gather-of-womenNo matter where you are on your growth path, from never been to therapy to years of psycho/spiritual healing, this group offers a safe place to take the next step.

With whatever issues you are currently dealing, relationship issues, childhood trauma, adult trauma, sexual abuse, career, communication, confidence, isolation, desire to connect and create community, parenting, boundaries, sexual identity, guilt, transitions etc. this is the place to bring them. There is an exponential energy when people come together with the intention to tap into the best of who they are.

As you shed the restraints of the past, unfettered by old unconscious fears, the group provides a safe interim place for your authentic self to emerge and opportunities to practice new, non-defensive ways of connecting to all the relationships in your life, including the one with yourself.
Group is deep, fun, spontaneous and absolutely life changing.
We will begin once six women have signed up so call soon to claim your space.

I do ask for two individual sessions before joining so I can better understand your goals and direction for therapy.
To make an appointment or find more information about the group or my other services, please call Terry Daggett, at 503-214-0699.  I look forward to hearing from you.