Alchemical Hypnotherapy

alchem-hyp-logoThe name, Alchemical Hypnotherapy stems from the ancient alchemist who claimed to turn lead into gold. In this type of hypnotherapy we turn the pain and obstacles blocking access to the life you want into the Gold of self-love, acceptance, and the transformation of obstacles into useful tools.

Different from most people’s idea of hypnotherapy, this is a combination of numerous traditional methods such as Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Gestalt, Shamanism, Psychodrama, Mindfulness and Past Life Regression.

Different from traditional hypnotherapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy sessions are interactive and client driven; this is not where I make you bark like a chicken, but where you are in charge of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish at all times. AH sessions are designed to ferret out the root of the issue, as opposed to just changing a behavior; this is an important distinction because unless the root is addressed, eventually something else will likely take its place. AH has numerous clinical applications and is not limited to behaviors only related to addiction, such as weight loss or cessation of smoking. It is more like an express train to the depths of your inner world, not limited by time or space.

Among many possibilities one powerful use of AH is to go back into the past where we can literally, “change our minds”, alter the way we think and feel about ourselves, resolve old relationships, and basically rescue ourselves out of the unconscious pain and influences of the past which are still affecting our present.

Whatever the identified issues, AH has the potential to change the related self-limiting thoughts and behaviors attached them, while ultimately developing a deeper, more honest, more loving sense of self. Miracles are not uncommon in these sessions!

“Who looks outside, dreams;
Who looks inside, awakes.”

-Carl Jung