People begin therapy for many reasons; they hope for happier relationships, better jobs, courage to change a situation, to become more effective parents, confusion about the future, or to deal with past pain and trauma.  I see every one of those issues as doorways, portals leading to the deep inner wisdom, strength, and light of wholeness that’s always been there but sometimes becomes obscured by the difficulties of life.  Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who always had the power to go home, the process of therapy is about finding that home within and the journey to get there.

Unlike the medical model of psychotherapy where your issues or problematic behaviors are diagnosed and the therapist designs a treatment plan in order to cure you of the diagnoses, Transpersonal Therapy is based on the belief that as a spiritual being, you are already whole. There is nothing to cure.  Regardless of how you may feel about yourself, how severe the pain or complex the issues bringing you into therapy, you are not broken! Underneath the veil of pain, trauma or self- doubt resides this glorious Light of being just waiting to emerge!  

Together we work on the beliefs blocking the path to wholeness while learning to harness the power of that Light to fuel your life.  I like to describe what I do for a living as getting to help people fall back in love with themselves.

In Transpersonal Therapy the therapist isn’t considered as the expert on your life; the growth happens in the reflection of our joint humanity.  I don’t have the answers; I help you find your own answers as you are the only expert on you.  I don’t tell you who you are; but I do get to be there as you discover more and more of yourself.  I can give you tools and show you how to use them; what you build with them will be as unique and amazing as you are. 

In the 25 years of my own personal growth and spiritual quest,  I have discovered that there are many beautiful paths to the Divine and I honor them all. It is my hope that by following yours, our paths will cross in service to both your emotional growth and your ever growing Spirit.